Black Mirror
Mar 4-July 28
Website copy
Open Call
Chicago based sound artists
Mar 4-31
In Retrospect
Mar 4-Apr 30
Jonas Mekas, Open Archives
Feb, 2023-Jan, 2024
Milcom Memorial Reading Room and Attention Library
The Beauty of Friends Being Together

Monira Foundation produces and hosts original exhibitions by independent curators. Focusing on urgent themes drawn from current global culture, these ambitious displays juxtapose works by emerging and established artists in an atmosphere of philosophical, technological, and aesthetic experimentation. 

Monira Foundation is also dedicated to mounting comprehensive exhibitions of work by influential artists from around the world, working with the community, and with other collections and foundations, to share their impact and preserve their legacies. 

Monira Foundation continues to partner with educational organizations to create exhibitions and programs that reflect our mission. Selected exhibitions include: