Exhibitions: overhearings


A site-specific installation by Regina Martinez

Commissioned by Experimental Sound Studio, Monira Foundation, and Mana Contemporary

At Mana Contemporary, Chicago. 2233 S Throop St, Chicago, IL 60608

September 21-February 23, 2023

Visiting hours: by appointment, please email us to schedule your visit: info@monirafoundation.org


overhearings is a site-specific sound installation by artist Regina Martinez in response to the peregrine falcons who have resided at Mana Contemporary for over two decades. This 2-channel work will be located in the recesses of Mana’s 4th Floor restroom area. It centers the idea that, despite our close proximity to these creatures, what we know about the peregrine falcon is what we image the falcon to be. It is a story of contrasting textures, call and response and a personal reflection on our projections and compassion.


overhearings is a collaborative project led by Experimental Sound Studio, Monira Foundation, and Mana Contemporary Chicago. This installation is supported in part by Brightsign and is a partner in the 2023 Chicago Architecture Biennial.


About Regina Martinez

Regina Martinez is a sound centered artist based in Chicago. Her current experiments draw from an archive of infinitely personal recordings she relates to as soundmarks: her father’s hands cleaning dried beans, drumline rehearsal after school, her mother praying the rosary the night before her heart procedure, the creak of the gate where you used to live. Each recorded moment becomes its own instrument, its own layer of composition, and a washing and wringing out of memory meant to be overheard like a poem again and again. Most recently she was program manager for Threewalls in Chicago, and received an MA in Sound Arts & Industries from Northwestern University.


About Experimental Sound Studio

Founded in 1986, Experimental Sound Studio is a Chicago-based nonprofit organization dedicated to artistic evolution and the creative exploration of sound. As an international hub for sonic experimentation, ESS nurtures artists, heralds new works, and builds a broad, supportive community of makers, enthusiasts, and creative partners through production, presentation, education, and preservation.