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Studio Visits with Monira Artists

Filmed by Juan Roque


Monira Fridays

Hosted by ROQ Initiative

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Community Talk

In Partnership with Mana Contemporary Chicago

Open Book

In Partnership with Mana Contemporary

Open Labs

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Mmmm! Salon

Interviews with our artists  in residence.
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Curatorial Talks

Hosted by Nolan Jimbo



Attention Lab

Presented by Friends of Attention

Monira Foundation takes a holistic and open-ended approach to visual and literary culture, exploring both the unique characteristics of these disciplines and formats, and the many ways in which they intersect. We seek to partner globally with diverse and groundbreaking arts organizations to provide high-quality educational programs and events for all ages, including music and dance performances, film screenings, poetry readings, and panel discussions on art and politics. 


Additionally, each year the Monira Foundation supports individual artists, collectives, and ensembles working in music and performance through comprehensive and customizable residency programs that offer a supportive platform for collaboration. While in residence, participants are granted space to develop their practices, given opportunities for engagement with new audiences through performances and open rehearsals, and offered support in the areas of professional development, marketing, audience development, and documentation. 

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Don't miss out on new events, programs, and artist opportunities!