Exhibition: When The Night Falls

When The Night Falls


From the shimmering glow of the moonlit city to the electric buzz of sleepless nights  When the Night Falls looks into the profound impact of the night on the human psyche.  Through the works of Chihiro Ito, Heechan Kim, Jiwon Rhie, Rowan Renee, Amelia Saul, and Shihori Yamamoto this exhibition offers viewers a chance to contemplate the symbolism and significance of the dark hours. Join us in celebrating the beauty and intrigue found in the liminal space between day and night, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and the night becomes a canvas for expression.

Presented by Monira Foundation in partnership with Landmark Club


Stork Club

2 Chapel Ave. Jersey City 07305 NJ
Dec 2023 – Jan 2024
Hours: by appointment only. Email us at info@monirafoundation.org


About the artists:


Chihiro Ito: Current Jonas Mekas Resident Artist, Ito explores the art of today through meaning of Life & Death. He takes a challenging approach from a perspective that deviates from art history and on problem awareness as seen from an unordinary perspective and creates through documentary and improvisational elements.


Heechan Kim: Very recent Monira Resident Artist, Kim applies traditional craft techniques in new contexts to reimagine and explore outcomes, and challenge craft’s visual potential.


Jiwon Rhie:A Current Monira Resident Artist, Rhie deals with diverse subject matter across installations, sculptures, and video, exploring ideas of boundaries, human relationships, cultural identities, and communication. Through research and a project-based process, she visualizes personal and social experiences into art forms by capturing her sensitivity and a feeling of adaptation.


Rowan Renee:A Current Monira Resident Artist, Renee’s work addresses intergenerational trauma, gender-based violence and the impact of the criminal legal system through image, text and installation.


Amelia Saul: A Current Monira Resident Artist, Saul utilizes experimental narratives to explore ideas of love, the experience of historical versus personal time, and national identity.


Shihori Yamamoto: A current Monira Resident Artist known for her intricate drawings and site specific installations.