Maker Space: Inner Self-Portrait

Monira Foundation is pleased to present the Maker Space Activity for children: Inner Self-Portrait, in connection with our exhibition Inner Mirror by Linda K. Alpern and the photography permanent presentation of John Chamberlain.

Inner Self- Portrait is an art activity for children that explores the representations of identity through the elements of 2D composition. Using the quote from Dr. Seuss books “I am what I am, what a great thing to be” as a starting point, we will create a mixed media composition while analyzing the characteristics of different materials to create visual representations of self-identity. This activity is developed by Monira Foundation as part of our Discovering public program in connection with the photography work of John Chamberlain as well as our new exhibition Inner Mirror, featuring the photographs of Linda K. Alpern. Participants will be able to create and take home their own art projects, while learning about the work of the artists exhibited in our galleries.


An onsite activity was developed on Sunday, October 15, 2023 in the Maker Space Gallery – 1st Floor- Mana Contemporary.

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You can also see below and download our education activity guide for educators and parents. This is a free resource developed by Monira Foundation that provides children access to our education activities from their school or home.