All Day

Michael Heizer: HOLLYWOOD 24

Mana Contemporary Chicago 2233 S Throop street, Chicago

Schedule a visit of Michael Heizer: HOLLYWOOD 24 The exhibition is a presentation at Mana Contemporary Chicago of a group of unique screen prints produced in 1975 by this renowned American artist and are part of the overall group of screen prints Heizer made at...


Discovering AYN: Inversions of the Inner World

“Pop Art took the inside and put it outside, took the outside and put it inside,” were the words written by Warhol at the beginning of his memoir with Pat Hackett, POPism: The Warhol Sixties.   January’s virtual tour provided a chance to view the...

Monira Fridays

Monira Foundation 888 Newark Ave. Ste. 440, New York

Join us for a night of music, popcorn, and visuals directed by Juan Diego Roque featuring performances from the artists whose music videos will also be screened! Screening skits from Diego and music videos from artists: Olawumi, Adam Exha, Giordano Taylor, lvlalachi, Lue Beige.  ...