Exhibitions: Through Her Eye

Through Her Eye is an exhibition of work by female-identifying artists who use textiles to deconstruct the intersection of art, craft, and the decorative, and to explore marginalization, labor, and class. Both celebrating and problematizing “women’s work,” Through Her Eye situates a traditional methodology in a contemporary setting.

Organized by Curatorial Director Ysabel Pinyol with ArtLeadHER founder Mashonda Tifrere, and featuring works shortlisted for International Sculpture Center’s Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award, Through Her Eye reflects both Mana Contemporary’s commitment to working across mediums and ArtLeadHER’s pledge to defeat sexism in the creative industries. It also echoes the importance of fiber art to Chicago’s visual heritage, and to its highly diverse community of artists and makers.

Nelly Agassi, Candida Alvarez, Samantha Bittman, Jenna Boyles, Layo Bright, Jude Broughan, Katie Coughlin, Sabba Elahi, Dianna Frid, Diana Guerrero-Maciá, Zhen Guo, Maria Guzman Capron, Aram Han Sifuentes, Mariel Harari, Elana Herzog, Elnaz Javani, Hein Koh, Melissa Leandro, Meg Leary, Joan Livingstone, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Erica Mendoza, Brenna K. Murphy, Sophia Narrett, Natani Notah, Olek, Elaine Reichek, Karen Reimer, Hannah Taylor, Anne Wilson, Stacia Yeapanis