SMUSH Gallery

SMUSH Gallery is a space for creative and community work in the Journal Square neighborhood of Jersey City. Since 2018, we’ve hosted vibrant, thought-provoking visual and performing art events alongside artist workshops, residencies, civic activations, and community conversations.

Katelyn Halpern
Katelyn Halpern is a multidisciplinary artist from Austin, Texas living in Jersey City. Her eclectic body of work ranges from life-sized installations to cut-and-tape zines to concert dance, and is frequently constructed around the idea clusters of interiority/intimacy/reflection, strangeness/humor/freedom, and the lived experience of moving through the world in a feminine body. Since 2018, she has served as an artistic director at SMUSH Gallery. | @katelynhalperndotcom

photo credit Kate Shumak

Olga Rabetskaya

Olga Rabetskaya is an artist from Belarus, based in the USA. She is a director, photographer and choreographer whose work spans across film, choreography and photography. Olga’s artistic research focuses on how to share our emotional experience, memories and body intelligence through movement. Artist in the Residence YCM Moscow, SVA, Gallim, Kunstraum gallery. Olga is currently a Curatorial Fellow in Dance at SMUSH Gallery.
Sarah Rose promo image
photo credit Aeric Meredith-Goujon
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose earned her BA in Classics from Princeton University and her MFA in Choreography and Performance from Florida State University. She is based in NYC. She experiments, explores and shares through the modes of movement and performance. She also makes interdisciplinary performance works in collaboration with Ross Daniel (DanielRose Projects). Sarah is currently a Curatorial Fellow in Dance at SMUSH Gallery
Meagan Woods
Meagan is an interdisciplinary artist who works in dance, theatre, and costume designer. She holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Simon Fraser University and a BFA in Dance from Rutgers University, where she earned the Margery Turner Award for choreography. Her research investigates movement stories across social, environmental, and creative practices. Meagan recently shared a TEDx talk that uses sewing as a metaphor to examine how “backwards” action might be a daring and progressive approach to cultivate meaningful, sustainable change. More at: