Ten Years Later. Highlights of the Mana Collection

Jamie Diamond

Artist/Description: Jamie Diamond Title/Description: Brenda’s Nursery, 2014 Medium: Digital C-Print mounted on Dibond (Edition: 3 +2AP)  Dimensions: 72 x 105 x 1


Jamie Diamond is a photo-based artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. With an interest in conveying human’s desire for intimacy and photography’s role in creating narratives both authentic and fabricated, Diamond captures the intersection between the ideas of real and not real and how we can challenge our perceptions of both.


Kate Gilmore

Title/Description: Untitled, 2015            Medium: Acrylic on paper. Dimensions: 16 ½ x 22 x 1/4

Kate Gilmore is an American artist, working in video, sculpture, photography, and performance. Many of her works utilize her own physicality to explore female identity as well as critiques of gender and sex.


Lena Henke

Title/Description: I had a great time in NJ, 2019 Medium: Plaster cast Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 8

Lena Henke is a German sculptural artist whose diverse body of work engages with themes such as interpersonal relationships, sexuality, and fetishism through the appropriation of objects and the intervention of classic architecture.


Sam Jablon

Sam Jablon is an artist and poet whose work explores the areas of overlap and contrast between the subjects of art and poetry and how their visuality can be put in communication with each other.


Mille Kalsmose-Hjelmborg

Title/Description: Re-Programmed Matter IV , Unique (Part 1 of 3) Medium: Iron, Found Object  Dimensions: 70 x 30 x 4

Mille Kalsmose-Hjelmborg is a visual artist working out of Copenhagen and New York. Her works ranging from images to sculptures to installation pieces explore ideas of human existence and the relationship between the individual and the world.


Alex Kwartler

Title/Description: Schlepper (with tuna), 2016 (Part 1/2) Medium: acrylic and flashe on canvas Dimensions: 48 x 96

Alex Kwartler is a multimedia artist whose works serve to humorously deconstruct seemingly banal symbols of ordinary life through the incorporation of unconventional materials and methods in his paintings.


James English Leary

Title/Description: Triple Motherfucker (Exit), 2018 Medium: Acrylic on canvas and shaped canvas (Part 1 of 2)  Dimensions: 64 x 80

James English Leary is artist and filmmaker in New York City whose works uniquely present the process of painting through his abstract configuration and use of materials. In creating somewhat amorphous and otherworldly shapes and forms, Leary prompts the viewer to reject previous notions of how to perceive a painting.


Sean Mellyn

Title/Description: Tumbling Steeple, 2002 (Part 1 of 5) Medium: Oil on Canvas Shaped panel, installation in 5 parts Dimensions: 219.25 x 92

Sean Mellyn is a mixed-media artist dealing in sculptures, paintings, prints, and drawings; and whose body of work largely deals in the commentary on American ideals through the satirical references to Americana largely found in the 1950s advertising.


Azikiwe Mohamed

Azikiwe Mohammed is a multimedia artist and photographer out of New York whose works blend the classic and contemporary to construct safe spaces for people of color and immigrants. 


Raul Mourao

Raul Mourao is an artist who in his sculptures, drawings, videos, and performances draws from his urban surroundings to merge the real and imaginary and create abstract works that convey the tension between structure and chaos within a city environment. 


Anne Muntges

Title: In the Wild, 2021 Medium: acrylic paint marker drawing with spray paint on wood panel and foam core., Dimensions: 60” diameter x 0.5”

Anne Muntges is a visual artist who in taking inspiration from her environment combines the two-dimensional with the three-dimensional in the form of drawing structures; real objects that Muntges finds, used as a blank canvas for traditional graphite or pen drawings.


Shelter Serra

Title/Description: Rising Light 2016 Medium: acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 36 x 48 x 4

Shelter Serra is a visual artist whose body of work is largely made up of replicating everyday objects out of alternative materials, abstracting them from their functionality and critiquing ideas surrounding mass consumption, artificiality and utility.


Anne Vieux

Title/Description: Eraser, 2016 Medium: Acrylic on micro – fiber Dimensions: 52 x 35 x 1 1/2

Annie Vieux is an American based painter and sculptor in Brooklyn, NY, whose abstract works created through the use of tools like scanners and holographic paper to emulate a warped computer screen are meant to read similarly to the way that windows were used in the Western art world, as as window to another world.