Monira Foundation Presents Holding Time


September 9th, 2021   



Monira Foundation Present:



On September 11, 2021, a group of artists who were children in proximity to the World Trade Center twenty years ago will present “Holding Time” at 412 West 13th St. The show

examines the psychical afterlife of 9/11 as it has been mediated, consciously and unconsciously, in works that participants made in the intervening period, ranging from photographs taken on 9/11/01 to sculpture made in recent years. The self-organized show aims to challenge the bellicose narratives proffered by adults around 9/11, offering instead moments of openendedness and intimacy in relation to events that are, in many ways, unfinished.

As part of the show, the group asks visitors to bring an object that shows how they have made sense of 9/11 to help build a photographic public counter-archive of the event.


With work by:

Mia Ardito

Z Behl

Pamela Council

Jon De Cola

Ashok Kondabolu

David Lê and Lila Babb

Ethan Moses

nina macintosh

Azikiwe Mohammed

Cody Ranaldo

Calder Singer

Ceci, Mariana and Bruno Smith

Himanshu Suri


“Holding Time” by the 9/11 Cohort runs at 412 West 13th St

OPENING: 5-7:30 pm Sept 11, 2021

WEEKEND HOURS: 12-6 pm (12th)

WEEKDAY HOURS: 4-7 pm Daily (13-19th)

Presented by the Monira Foundation



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