Exhibitions: Please Touch, Body Boundaries

Please Touch: Body Boundaries is an exhibition of more than fifty artists who reference the body to illuminate conceptions of identity, femininity, and the gaze. “The sexualization of the human body has been an ongoing theme throughout art history, from breast imagery in churches to classical female archetypes,” explains Ysabel Pinyol, curator of the exhibition. “With increased attention surrounding gender politics and body-boundary violations, I think it is important to present an exhibition that examines both the ubiquity and longevity of artists using the body to illustrate broader social topics.”

Please Touch: Body Boundaries is organized in collaboration with filmmaker Dana Ben-Ari. Ben-Ari explains, “The exhibition engages with today’s climate of accusations, denials, bodies, and borders through work that is sensual, exhilarating, painful, confusing, sexual, and vulgar.” The exhibition includes contemporary art dating from the 1960s through 2018. Works examine identity and sexuality, expectations and assumptions, and role-playing as well as breastfeeding and motherhood.

In their approach to the show, Ben-Ari and Pinyol ask many questions: “When is the body’s anatomy sexualized and in what contexts? For what reason? What are the boundaries?”

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