Open Book: Thomas Cvikota

Landfall Press: Five Decades is a history book about printing and publishing editions as a collaborative practice between an artist and a printer. The book begins with an examination of the generation of artists and entrepreneurial printers that were evolving in the global Post-War culture of the 1950’s/1960’s. Together they established an entirely unique business and artistic post-studio practice that expanded the reach of art and ideas beyond the museum.

Landfall Press is considered one of the most influential printer/publishers from this generation. It’s founder Jack Lemon founded Landfall Press in Chicago in 1970. For five decades he produced historically significant printed editions: lithographs, etchings, relief/woodcuts, multiples, books, LP’s, videos and magazines. This was achieved by collaborating with American and international artists that defined the contemporary in Post-War art.

In 2020, this book was produced as the final publication from Landfall Press. Together we will open the book and discuss the context and content that makes Landfall’s five decades an important chapter in the history of art.


About the author:

Thomas Cvikota has a 45 year career as an arts professional collaborating with publishers, printers, artists, museums, galleries, academia and arts institutions to produce, promote and present fine art editions: lithographs, etchings, relief prints, screenprints, multiples, books, journals, sound recordings, films and installation works.


In 2020, Thomas authored the definitive document on the fifty year history of Landfall Press, Inc. A 628 page deluxe bound book Landfall Press: Five Decades. Co-curated the companion exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum 2019/2020 – Landfall Press: Five Decades of Printmaking with Jack Lemon and Nikki Otten-Associate Curator of Prints and Drawings MAM. A traveling exhibition celebrating the 50 year anniversary of Landfall Press is currently traveling the USA through 2027.


About the book:

Landfall Press: Five Decades

628 page, fully illustrated deluxe bound book with dust cover. Published in an edition of 300. Scale: 14 x 10 x 2.5 inches

First edition; September 2020
Author: Thomas Cvikota – Chicago Designer: Sam Silvio – Chicago Printer/Bindery: Command P – Chicago

Forward: Nikki Otten – Associate Curator of Prints and Drawings at Milwaukee Art Museum
Preface: Mark Pascale – Janet and Craig Duchossois Curator of Prints and Drawings at Art Institute of Chicagos

Copyright 2020 Thomas Cvikota Published by Landfall Press, Inc.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2020914442 ISBN# 978-0-578-68571-7


About the 3 puzzles:

Each puzzle has no specific orientation.

The size of each of the puzzle assembled is 26.75 x 20.5 inches.

Each is in an edition of 150.

Published by Landfall Press, Inc./Santa Fe