Open Book: Chihiro ITO

Reel to Reel -to Jonas Mekas- By Chihiro ITO 


“This zine was made during my Jonas Mekas Fellow Residency at Monira Foundation (2023-2024). Jonas passed away in 2019. He was my mentor and friend. 


In 2023, during the Jonas Mekas Fellow Residency, I had access to his archive materials, supported by his son and archivist Sebastian Mekas. The Reel to Reel series is an official collaborative work with Jonas Mekas Studio and Monira Foundation. This zine’s concept is the re-birth of archival materials into the now by my re-creation. Jonas’s spirit continues even after his passing, much like how a film moves from one reel to another. The zine is named after one of Mekas’ archival files. 


Part of the profits of this zine will be used to support Jonas Mekas Studio to help archive works.”