Maker Space: Rammellzee. Language & Art in Gothic Futurism

Monira Foundation is pleased to present the Maker Space Activity for children: Rammellzee. Language & Art in Gothic Futurism, in connection with our permanent presentation of Rammellzee.

This education guide and activity sample is designed to inform families and educators about the possibilities and applications in visual arts of the connections between language and art through the work of Rammellzee. This guide can be used during the visit to Mana Contemporary, in school or after-school settings, for grades K-12. Drawn from the AYN Foundation presentation of Rammellzee ́s work at Mana Contemporary and the multiple ways to experience his work, this guide provides educational resources that families/educators can use with students to analyze, discuss, reflect and develop their interpretation of the connections between art and language as well as to engage in stimulating art projects that are both affordable and appropriate for grades K-12 students.

The purpose of this activity is to create an interpretive approach to Rammellzee’s Gothic Futurism language through character and mask design using recycled materials.


An onsite activity was developed on Sunday, April 30, 2023 in the Maker Space Gallery – 1st Floor- Mana Contemporary.

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You can also see below and download our education activity guide for educators and parents. This is a free resource developed by Monira Foundation that provides children access to our education activities from their school or home.