Glasgow International

11 Jun at 2pm EST
Gianna Badiali, D. Graham Burnett, Claudia Claremi, Terrance Daye, Sofia Camargo Hoyos, Alyssa Loh, Lane Stroud
Twelve Theses on Attention


Drafted by the Friends of Attention, the Twelve Theses on Attention call for the creation of ‘attentional sanctuaries’, spaces to foster a new politics of astonishment and care.


Filmmakers Alyssa Loh and Lane Stroud are hosting a screening of their collaboratively curated series of short films built around the Theses, and exploring the problem of world-making through joint attention. The screening also includes an opening discussion and Q&A session to follow, hosted by D. Graham Burnett. The event features work by Gianna Badiali, Claudia Claremi, Terrance Daye and Sofia Camargo Hoyos.


A program of Glasgow International 2021.

12 Jun at 2pm EST
D. Graham Burnett, Joanna Fiduccia, K MacBride, Hermione Spriggs.
Vigils and Vigilance


Subtitled ‘Attention, Duration, Subjectivity’, Vigils and Vigilance is a panel discussion with artists and researchers working on problems of sustained attention.


Departing from the pioneering research of Norman H. Mackworth, whose discovery of the ‘vigilance decrement’ marked the origins of Cold War investigations into durational visual experience, the session features presentations by art historian Joanna Fiduccia (Yale), anthropologist and artist Hermione Spriggs (UCL/Slade), and artist/researcher K MacBride (University of the Arts, London). The discussion is moderated by D. Graham Burnett.


A program of Glasgow International 2021.

26 Jun at 2pm EST
D. Graham Burnett, Grace Caiazza, Stevie Knauss, Sal Randolph
The Dance of Attention


Research associates of the ESTAR(SER) continue to sift their idiosyncratic archive for key artefacts and documents that bear on the history of attentional practices. For Glasgow International, Sal Randolph and Stevie Knauss present an interim report on recent discoveries. Kinesis is required. Temporary metempsychosis may occur, but must not become permanent. This performance-lecture is introduced by D. Graham Burnett.


A program of Glasgow International 2021.