Exhibitions: Sicily / New York

Gandolfo Gabriele David
Landart Performance
PaNIngenesi  curated by Lori Adragna
Mario Bajardi
Electronicmusic Performance
God is Burning curated by Floriana Spanò

About the artists:


The educational path of Mario Bajardi leads him to graduate in violin at the Conservatory of Caltanissetta, and then devote himself to the study of electronic music between Catania and Palermo. Here he takes care of the relative laboratory of the Conservatory “V. Bellini”; afterwards the activity of teacher sees him engaged also with the Experimental Center of the Cinema, the Musical High School Regina Margherita, the University of the Studies and the Academy of Fine Arts. In 2001 he is finalist of the International Competition of Electronic Music Pierre Shaeffer. The only Italian winner with “BJM Violin Studio 7” at the ICMC 2002 in Goteborg, with “BJM Piano Studio” he won the Luigi Russolo 2004 and the CEMAT 2005 competitions.

In 2006 he is chosen for the record “Electroacoustic Music from Sicily” produced by EMF of New York, while in the following two years he creates the community of artists “Insemina” and the homonymous TV program. His music are the background to numerous events over the years, including the international festival Musica d’Alta Quota, the Palermo Film Festival and the Festino di Santa Rosalia. He also created the first videomapping in Sicily and some installations made for the Academy. His particular inclination for soundtracks, documentaries and multimedia productions gives rise to fruitful collaborations with many directors including Roberta Torre, Salvo Cuccia, Giuseppe Carleo, Giuseppe Gigliorosso, Sergio Cannella, Sigfrido Giammona, Ruben Monterosso and Federico Savonitto, Alessandro Ferrara, Moscò, RosaMundi, along with some experience overseas between New York (“An Internet World”, Carlo Fiorletta / Mara Lesemann) and Los Angeles (“Sweetheart”, M. A. Pate, assistant to Quintana. A. Pate, assistant to Quentin Tarantino). In 2016 he writes unreleased music for “Vedozero” by Andrea Caccia. In 2021 he writes the music for the Documentary Film “Sgalambro” with Franco Battiato directed by Mario Bellone and Marcello Faletra.

His music was presented at the Venice Biennale 2017 thanks to the collaboration with WISH/BIAS and Rosamundi in the Iranian pavilion. In the same year he publishes his last CD work “SCHENGEN” that will be represented with a live performance and a permanent exhibition inside the Museo Riso in Palermo. In April 2018 he opens the BIENNAL OF ART “BIAS”, in national premiere, with his composition OFFICIUM taken from Schengen for Orchestra, Electronics, Choir and Dance performed at the Cathedral of Palermo and the Teatro Massimo of Palermo. In July 2018 his project INSIDEOUT and his music from Schengen album are performed at Teatro Massimo in Palermo. TV Spot for Nissan broadcasted on RAI.  In 2020 his new album “INVERSE” is released. In 2021 he writes the unpublished music and creates the sound design for the Salce Museum linked to the project on “Renato Casaro ed i cartellonisti del Novecento” directed by Cristian Taraborelli. In August, a benefit concert at the Teatro di Verdura for the children of Pakistan, directed by Yousif Latif Jaralla.

His previous discographic works, “ BJM Archives” (2012), “BJM Glass Orchestra” (2013) and “Inverse Ep” (2014), “SCHENGEN” (2017) and “INVERSE” (2020) are all published by Iter-Research, label ONDE.

Among others, he also collaborates with Giovanni Sollima, Giovanna Velardi, Rosamundi, Lucina Lanzara, lFondazione Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana (in 2011 he curated the sound design for Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana” and Puccini’s “Tosca”), Orchestra Instabile Disaccordo, Orchestra Giovanile Mediterranea conducted by Alberto Maniaci, Raffaella Daino’s Pivirama, Sergio Pausig, Mario Bellone, Marcello Faletra, Oscar Kogoj, Francesco Gallo, Paola Cassarà, Daniela Megna, Gianluca Scuderi, Giuseppe Carleo, Francesco Vinci, Isobel Blank, Salvo Cuccia, Sergio Cannella, Diego Agullo, Sigmona Sigfrido, Manlio Noto, Yaya Visconti, Juan Perno, Giuseppe Vasapolli, Manlio Noto, Nino Errera, Philippe Berson, Roberta Torre, Carlo Cecchi, Ambra Maniscalco, Fulvio Di Piazza, Bias, Wish, Venice Biennale, Alessandro Sanfilippo Sanfj, Fabrizio Lupo, Cristian Taraborelli, M. A. Pate, Troels Fox Folemann, Yousif Latif Jaralla, Moni Ovadia.


Gandolfo Gabriele David (Polizzi Generosa, Italy, *1968) is a visual artist. He has a degree in architecture and has worked as an interior architect and furniture designer for a few years.  As promoter of numerous socio-cultural activities, he is co-founder of DimoraOZ, a research group of artistic, curatorial and performing arts, based in Palermo. In his research, he examines and elaborates on ecological and social topics through a participatory artistic practice which stipulates a study of the material and immaterial heritage of the territories where he works. He has realised many projects focused on intercultural dialogue and awareness of the right to international mobility, shown by various museums and international foundations. Among the most important we mention:

-I Am Blooming, 2020 performance realized in collaboration with Fondazione Sant’Elia Palermo, Fondazione Fugaz Arte De Convivir_PERU’ and Mana Contemporary_USA

-Bet_lehem / The bread house, 2016-2019. An itinerant art device hosted, among others, by the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation of Turin and the Iméra-Université Aix-Marseille Foundation.

-We are here / Nous Sommes Ici, 2016-2017. Realized in collaboration with the Mucem of Marseilles and several associations working on civic and social issues.

Il Traffico, 5x5x5 Program of Manifesta12, 2018. A group show curated by the Finnish artists group Collective Intelligence.

Piazza connection, 2018. An artistic research conducted by international groups of artist, resulting into a video-installation displayed in Kaoz, Manifesta12 Collateral event and in a recently published book.

Currently, Myymälä2 gallery of contemporary art represents his work.