Exhibitions: Right Time, Right Place

Right Time, Right Place
Presented by Monira Foundation 
At Mana Contemporary, NJ. 888 Newark Ave (4th fl) Jersey City 07306
On View: 8 Oct-13 Nov, 2022

Visiting hours: M-F 11-5pm


Curated by Katharina Gruzei


Public space has become a highly contested territory in the past decades. The term itself is a fluid concept that is constantly being redefined by its intricate cultural, historical, ecological, and political implications. Right Time, Right Place is an artist-curated exhibition that showcases works by international established and upcoming artists with different approaches to the public sphere. Issues regarding its use and accessibility are ever more relevant as privatization reaches a peak in cities such as New York. While the Covid Crisis has only further influenced an existing zeal towards the regulation of public space, underlining critical aspects of this discussion.   


Artists around the globe are taking to the public sphere, eschewing art-designated areas and traditional venues to connect with wider audiences, not necessarily represented by gallery visitors. Others are involving this sphere in their practice and containing it in other media. This show displays various artistic strategies, pointing out its potential as a social and political arena. Indeed, some works included question the fine boundaries between private and public, often blending them. 


Right Time, Right Place revolves around informal and legally adjacent art practices that challenge the understanding of limitations. Furthermore, it underscores that the limits of art projects, activism, artivism and community building intersect, and that social change and artistic practice are often intertwined. Curfews and new rules of conduct, in particular, have changed the relationship to public space for urban residents. Efforts to maintain order and cleanliness have significantly restricted the scope of action for artists. These boundaries call once more for their exploration. 


Charlotte Becket & Roger Sayre, VALIE EXPORT, Gelitin, Katharina Gruzei, Marlene Hausegger, Eginhartz Kanter, Joshua Liebowitz, Ann Messner, Rainer Noebauer, Nancy Nowacek, José Pazos, Oktavia Schreiner, Stefanos Tsivopoulos.


Special Event Note:

The Monria Foundation offers wheelchair accessible space for this event. Large print curatorial statements and program information are available as you enter the space. If you have special requests for your visit, we are happy to accommodate. Please contact Anne Muntges anne@monirafoundation.org.

RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE is kindly supported by the Federal Ministry Republic of Austria, City of Linz, Department of Arts and Culture Carinthia and Salzburg, Arts & Culture Upper Austria, Austrian Cultural Forum New York and Monira Foundation.