Exhibitions: In Good Company

The Monira Foundation is pleased to partner with Mana Contemporary Chicago to present a group exhibition of works by current Mana Contemporary Chicago residents from December 10 – January 7, 2022. As an extension of our Open House Chicago, In Good Company presents recent works of artists in residence, hoping to open up conversation with the viewers regarding their practice and what it means to produce.


Exhibiting artists: Abraham B., Aimée Beaubien, Amanda Gentry, Amanda Maraist in collaboration with Chien An Yuan, Chrissy Martin and Kara Brody, Amay Kataria, Ashley January, Assaf Evron, Aubrey Pittman-Heglund, Aya Nakamura, Barbara Kasten, Bassim Al Shaker, Brad Stumpf, Carisa Mitchell, Carmen Neely, Christine Forni, Clarence Morgan, Connie Noyes, Conrad Cheung, Dabin Ahn, Danielle McKinney-Elmore, Deirdre Fox, Derek G. Larson, Derric Clemmons, Efren Candelaria, Elnaz Javani, Eugene A. Maltez, Guanyu Xu, Hale Ekinci, Holly Cahill, Hope Wang, Industry of the Ordinary, Iris Bernblum, Isa Martinez, James Jankowiak, James Kao, Jan Christopher-Berkson, Christian Cognazzo, Christopher Elmore, Jan Tichy, Jeffly Gabriela Molina, Juan Antonio Baños, Karen Azarnia, Karen Dana Cohen, Katherine Desjardins, Kevin Maginnis, Kimberly Davidson, Leasho Johnson, Lucy Wood Baird, M_m<M, Marc Benja, Marzena Abrahamik, Mas Man, Matt Siber, Mia Capodilupo, Montserrat Alsina, Olea Nova, Peter Antor, Rory Monaghan, Rose Dickson, Seamus Carey, Shanna Zentner, Sheri Rush, Shir Ende, Simone Whiteley-Allen, Sofia Chitikov, Teri Carson, Tom Van Eynde, Wendy Robles, Yoonshin Park, Yvette Mayorga.

Please register to visit the show through this eventbrite link.

Opening reception for the artists in will be held December 10th from 6-8pm
The gallery will be open to the public starting from December 13th, Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.