Exhibitions: CADAF Online

Monira Foundation is pleased to represent five current and former resident artists in CADAF’s Online Art Fair, taking place from June 17-23. This roster of artists is united by the unique depth and rigor of their practices, each of which merge physical and digitally imagined objects or realities.
CADAF (Crypto and Digital Art Fair) is a leading hub for digital and new media art. The Online Art Fair runs concurrently with CADAF’s Digital Art Month Paris: June 1-30, 2021, in association with Beaux Arts & Cie. More information is available on their website.
Participating artists: Lorenzo Brusci, Peter Burr, Amay Kataria, Yeseul Song and Anne Vieux.

Lorenzo Brusci

<pause> Morphosis Proliferation, 2021

Peter Burr


Amay Kataria

(covid-19) Antidot, 2020

Yeseul Song

Rearranged: Hanok #2, 2019

Anne Vieux

command_prism, 2021