Attention Lab & Discovering AYN

Attention Lab is a non-profit experiential workshop created by the Friends of Attention dedicated to the exploration and liberation of Radical Human Attention.

ATTENTION LABS are community-based, youth-oriented workshops that focus on the power, beauty, and potential of human attention — and on the new challenges that confront us in a world of increasingly financialized attentional resources (and the algorithms that “frack” our eyes and minds). A non-profit project, organized by artists, educators, and digital activists, ATTENTION LABS are spaces for exploration and experimentation.

Supported by Monira Foundation and created in partnership with the AYN Foundation’s presentation of Andy Warhol for the Discovering AYN program.

Discovering AYN is a monthly program presented by Monira Foundation that welcomes the public into AYN Foundation long term presentations at Mana Contemporary to further learn and experience the practice of their featured artists through the scope of other artists and the multiple languages of art

Monira Foundation Lab #3
25 Mar 2023
2pm — 5pm

Monira Lab #2
Jersey City, NJ
13 Nov 2022

Monira Foundation Lab
Jersey City, NJ
30 Jul 2022